There are many misconceptions regarding freediving / apnea.  One of them being that it is only available for people with fish like mutant powers.  Although, I have always wanted mutant powers I assure you I don't have one.  Freediving  does not require super human powers.  You may feel like you're part of the Avengers with an intense ability to hold your breath, relax your mind, intimately relating with the underwater world, but I assure you freediving / apnea is something  which our bodies are naturally designed to do.  But you know what don't take my word for it.  Read it from the words of one KURMA's students.  Marine paints a light-hearted picture of how she has fallen in love with freediving.  

Click on the link below and read on Marine Deneux's non-mutant experience of freediving and how it has positively shaped and influenced her internal and external journey.