christian "Diggi" Asch

with over 20 years experience teaching p as an adventure guide, technical scuba instructor, PADI, SSI, RAID scuba instructor and now a WSF/RAID Freedive Instructor Trainer, Diggi brings in professionalism, quality and safety served in a way where you know this is exactly what he loves to do and to share.  Naturally bringing you to a space where you confidently expand your comfort zone and begin to explore the leisure and professional world of freediving.



is a 200 hour yoga alliance certified yoga teacher and the first WSF/RAID Filipina Freedive Instructor. Her 9 years experience in training and development gives her the flexibility and understanding needed to customize experiences/courses according to each person. As she shares her love for yoga, freediving and nature you simply slip into the moment as she gently nudges you into new territories.

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come from different backgrounds, nationalities, and places, with one common goal of creating a space where you feel safe to experience new adventures while being able to re-energize and rejuvenate in a naturally cozy environment.